M&M Furniture LTD has finance payment options via Ideal4FINANCE.

We help our customers on a daily basis, with many circumstances, to find the right financial solution to buy the products they need.

Minimum loan amount £ 1000.00

To take a finance please follow a simple steps:

1. Place an order on:

2. In payments select: finance.

3. Click here -> This link will take you to the main page to fill the application.

4. Select: I am an individual

5. Enter Business Name: M and M Furniture Ltd

6. Select one of the 3 loan type options

7. Fill the form and apply for a loan

8. In a few minutes you will receive an answer about your loan.

9. If Ideal4FINANCE will give you loan for the purchase of products, the funds will be transferred to your account

10. Transfer the funds to M&M Furniture’s account:

Santander Bank,
M&M Furniture LTD.
Account Number: 56444002
Sort Code: 09-01-28

If you have any queries or you need a help do not hesitate to contact:

Ideal4finance - 020 3617 4647

M&M Furniture Ltd - 0131 629 44 34